Transcriptions: Blues in the Closet by Christiaan 'Niliov' van Hemert

This week is a "must-see" for bassplayers. I transcribed a solo by bassplayer Hein van de Gein, one of the best double-bass players in the jazzfield today. I've always found it strange that the soloing of most bassplayers is below average, not to say terrible. As both a piano and double-bass player I know the difficulties of the instrument compared to other instruments when it comes to soloing, but it is very much possible to play a clear and flowing bass-solo, provided that the bassplayer in question knows his beboplines. This solo is an excellent example. The solo is played on a tune called "Blues in the Closet" on the Chet Baker CD: "Chet's Choice". I transcribed the solo in F, but on the record it is played in G. Since you have to transpose everything to all keys anyway that shouldn't matter! Enjoy!

solo also available as low quality sample

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