Transcriptions: If I Could Give You More by Christiaan 'Niliov' van Hemert

This transcription is the first full score provided here at the Jazz Resource Center. All the parts are already transposed, so in theory you could just hand these out to your buddies and play!!! Chances are though you don't have the personnel or just don't want to play it. The transcription is of a song taken from the CD: "Red Light, Blue Light" by Harry Connick Junior.

This song "If I could Give You More" is vintage Harry Connick: a sort of pleasant mixture between swing and a more modern concept of music. He accomplishes this by clever composing and arranging. The composition itself (the melody) is very "swing-area rooted" but the careful use of moll-dur gives it that undefinable sound you can't quite place at first. The horn-parts are arranged in an "old-fashioned" way: mostly in thirds. The use of three horns however and the melodies they are playing are somewhat more of a modern concept. Even the solos (which I didn't transcribe by the way) differ in style! Well, if you have the oppurtunity to play it (and you sure need a hell of a singer), I hope you do!!!

©1998 Christiaan 'Niliov' van Hemert. JRC.  JAZZ RESOURCE CENTER