Transcriptions: I Mean You by Christiaan 'Niliov' van Hemert

Well, what can you say? A Michael Brecker-solo speaks for itself!! I usually experience two different feelings listening to Michael Brecker: one is a feeling of excitement, the other one is the feeling of being punished for practicing to little. I think frustration is a main recurrence among a lot of musicians when listening to Michael Brecker. Analyzing his solos does not help: the way this man can incorporate the most complicated ideas into his solo as if they were simple ionian scales is maybe even more frustrating. If you however manage to get rid of this feeling his solos make for some excellent study-material!! The solo is taken from the McCoy Tyner CD "Infinity", track two: "I Mean You".

©1998 Christiaan 'Niliov' van Hemert. JRC.  JAZZ RESOURCE CENTER