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March 6, 2020

Dear McCoy,

What a great loss for the world. With your music and piano playing really everything came together like nobody else. Technically of course your virtuosity, overwhelming dynamics and complete control. You were in complete balance and one with your instrument.

But the stories you told us with your music were even more important. Words cannot express and every Tyner enthusiast will understand exactly what I mean. It's just all elements together, your unique sound, power, voicings and style. But also the spiritual levels, your compositions, etc. Your music really drags you along and has often completely overwhelmed me. Your concerts were true life lessons, infused with passion and full of emotion. Little other music has given me such a feeling of intense joy.

I was fortunate to meet you once and you stressed that most things in life are actually very simple. It's hard for me to consider your music, full of all these sophisticated details, as simple and it only confirms to me that you have been a truly unique artist and musical genius.

Many people will remember your live concerts as an unparalleled experience and adventure, in which the piano and the artist really blended and came into its own. For the past 25 years I have thought about your music or listened to it almost daily and it will stay that way. Thank you, McCoy, for giving us so much to think about and enjoy. You will be greatly missed and your music will live forever.

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